Construction company «LysovDevelopersLTD»

Cyprus is a country that attracts many tourists, investors and those wishing to move to this Paradise, where more than 300 days a year Sunny, to relocate. But where to start? Is it possible to make this a reality? To live in the country, you must learn its principles, learn the different nuances, or at least to buy a property in Cyprus.

Our company «LysovDevelopersLTD» will help you to obtain a residence permit, renovate an existing one. «LysovDevelopersLTD» will make the design project in modern style, "from scratch", both in Cyprus and in Moscow. A residence permit may have different categories. For example, there are options for obtaining long-term visas for pensioners or, on the contrary, for active citizens who want to do in the country your business, right funds coming from other States (in Cyprus this strictly).

The About us:

We exist since 2010. During this time we have helped many to transform housing, to move to Cyprus. Our range of services is quite wide. «LysovDevelopersLTD» is a construction company, but our experts will be able to arrange a deal for the purchase of property in Cyprus, find rental housing, and as to the rest, and for a long time. To buy property in Cyprus - do not have to go and search for the option in place, please contact us and we will find the perfect option for you. Our company cooperates with all leading banks in the financial market of the country, so you can buy real estate on credit under low interest rates. When buying a home, a residence permit is easier to obtain, but you will need competent legal support that we provide. Our services are affordable. We act in your best interests quickly and efficiently.

With our help, you can move to Cyprus with the whole family, and You will appreciate, because the country has virtually no crime, and education and medicine are at a very high level, however enjoy all the benefits of fully you can only after receiving citizenship.

If you need repairs, then you should take a look at our portfolio photo already completed orders. For you we will develop an individual design project with consideration of finishing materials, furniture, necessary equipment, alterations, etc. please Call the listed on the site, and our managers will help you to make the technical project, to order.

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