Repair of apartments

Construction company «LysovDevelopersLTD» successfully performed a repair of apartments in Moscow and in Cyprus, since 2010. Over the years, has accumulated considerable experience in this field. Teamwork combined with impeccable quality of repair. Team time-tested and consists exclusively of highly qualified professionals.

Specialization of our company is based on repair of apartments under the key, regardless of complexity. Individual approach is a constant component. No matter what type of repair you need: capital, elite or built in design ideas.

Masters of the company «LysovDevelopersLTD» are able to perform complex operations, like hand-painted Venetian plaster. In our work we use modern equipment of the format and materials from the leading manufacturers in the world.

You can't go wrong if you trust us to overhaul in the apartment. We strive to justify the trust. The basis for we are invariably your wishes, thanks to which the work will be done at a high level. Experts guarantee individual approach and assistance in everything connected with the repair.

If you wish to look at examples of already created works, we have a whole collection of objects. We will help you to do a good repair, just make a call to our company!

Examples of our work:


Implement the plan under the key

With our team of any types of works on construction and repair will be performed professionally and in a short time.

  • Repair of apartments and produce work of construction and finishing in Moscow in minimal time.
    For us there are no holidays and weekends. Us on the most ambitious projects and it does not matter the original state of housing. Thanks to the experience of foremen and responsible workers, there will be a transformation and correction facilities. In this apartment you will Wake up the joy of life!
  • Repair of offices and premises for production.
    If productivity falls, there is a clear outflow of the best personnel, customers prefer competitors, we'll help you to attract those people that you need. In an elaborate interior workers experience psychological comfort, could increase effectiveness. After the upgrade the image of any thriving business. The embodiment of any ambition will become a reality with the premises of our performance.
  • We can do the finishing work, repair turnkey cottages in Moscow and in the suburbs.
    Like it is very responsible, can't trust the "left" brigades. Very important an unmistakable approach. We quite often had to correct the mistakes of others. Therefore, it is cheaper to immediately contact the experts. In addition to quality work, we provide an indisputable guarantee that will definitely suit you.

Make the smart choice!

To repair an apartment in Moscow under the key is too important to him were the first company. Your doubts arising in the process of finding a contractor worthy level, is justified. Rich gallery will help You make the right choice.

We can do many works: we build a house, produce renovation of apartments, offices, create any image in the interior and resolve technical problems of any complexity.

Beckons you to the luxury of the ruble and impeccable style at the RITZ? While you think about too big a price to fulfill your dreams? You need to simply call the appraiser and see what it is all much simpler than it seemed initially. The services inherent in a fixed payment, and, therefore, unforeseen expenses will not be.

Now you do not need to arrange their own repairs and alterations of private houses, apartments, townhouses, living rooms, nurseries, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms under the key. Do not waste life on petty chores. Trust us and we will do everything on the highest level!