Cyprus is a country, which compares favorably with many countries of the European Union. Do you consider it as a field for investment, a place to rest or move on the permanent no doubt, very well here. Ordinary man in the street to like a warm climate, where in winter the temperature rarely reaches 15C. Country located on the Mediterranean sea, the tourist business is booming, the environment is perfect. There are many cultural and historical monuments. It is culturally and scientifically rich country. Utility costs here even slightly lower than for Europe as a whole, and wages at a high enough level. But it is worth considering that no citizen of the country, even on a work visa will be arranged is quite difficult. But for the citizens the Government is trying to complete.

Taxes here are among the lowest in Europe, doing business in Cyprus is a dream for everyone. The country is popular offshore. The banking system, though experiencing some crisis, but still issue loans, even to foreigners, and at a very low interest rates. To obtain citizenship of the country by investing in the country's economy substantial investments or buying property. Buying property allows you to residence, but you will need to prove that you are a wealthy man.

All transactions, operations, documented by law is not disclosed. Cyprus strictly follow the privacy of the client. But security here is not only paper, but also the citizens themselves, because the island is unusually low crime rate. Education here has a great reputation. For younger children there are lots of American, Greek and Russian schools. Young people can obtain education in prestigious international Universities without leaving the country in one of the many branches. Cyprus belongs to the Schengen area, therefore, La the Russians visa is issued for one day for free under the simplified procedure.

Having property in Cyprus, you can rent it, getting a good income. Here more than 300 days into the holiday season, so customers are not hard to find. The owners of apartments can count on a multiple-entry visa or a residence permit, which will require to appear on the island at least once in two years. Cypriots close to us in spirit, most of the country professes Christianity. Few people know, but a 40-minute drive from the coast, Cyprus has a ski resort.

To make your journey as smooth as possible, contact our company and we will arrange a meeting on arrival, transfer to the place of stay and back will help you to find suitable accommodation to rent.