Many tourists are concerned with safety stay and accommodation in Cyprus, particularly in relation to the current political situation, the more so Cyprus is close to Syria and Turkey. According to the international experts safety rating from the point of view of the possibility of terrorist attacks is very high, that is, such a possibility is minimized. Internal security issues either, crime is successfully defeated. But to provoke criminal citizens should not, for example, to flirt with strangers at the bar, to wander the dark streets alone, or flaunt expensive things.

After the terrorist attacks in France has taken additional measures. In public places increased security. The guards themselves were retrained under the new requirements, all airports, ports and embassies to ordinary schools. Equipment surveillance systems has been improved and modified.

If you're on vacation in this wonderful country, you should know that despite the situation in the country in every hotel you will be happy to provide safe storage for your belongings during your absence at the hotel. If you encounter unpleasant situation, you can always turn to street patrol. It is noteworthy that all the police in Cyprus are required to know English. By the way, if you get lost, you can always ask passers-by in English, almost 90 % know it to a pretty good school level.

In Cyprus even for minor incidents and losses are very carefully and if you have lost¸ for example, a purse, make sure you refer, you will be given a certificate of application. Only it is necessary to apply immediately, not later than 48 hours since the disappearance. Call the police by phone 112 or 199. If missing, "credit card" and call your Bank you can't, you should contact 22-86-81-00, 22-86-85-91 the system of card payments in Cyprus, and you will be helped. At the loss of passport should contact the Embassy in Russia. The island is not very large in comparison with Russia, so from any point of the trip will not take much time.

Cyprus is very serious about security and the local population, and tourists. Taking a car be aware that the penalties for violating the rules are very strict to several hundred euros. Children safety is always prescribed to ride in special seats. Should follow some rules. It is impossible to pick up and remove anything from the seabed if it can be of historical value are also forbidden to take pictures near or against military objects.

If you are in any problem you can always contact us. We will meet you from the plane, will help you rent an apartment or a house, have a walk on a yacht, and all this on your first call, contact us!