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For love or calculation: the methods of obtaining the Cyprus citizenship


To obtain citizenship of Cyprus fabulous and easy, and easy enough at the same time. This process is painless, if you are the owner considerable sums, and are willing to invest it in the economy. Lucky also those whose destiny will be linked in wedlock with a citizen's cherished country. If these options are impossible will take a little more effort, time and money.
Choose the path
Options for obtaining citizenship of the fabulous country on the shores of the Mediterranean sea — four:
to link the fate...

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Where to go in Cyprus?


Cyprus is a small island, which combines historical monuments and natural sights and a whole galaxy of resort towns along the coast. Though the main part of the architecture and refers to an ancient but not less interesting are the marks of other eras – from the Neolithic to the twentieth century.
When you consider the attendance of the island and the number of Russian tourists, that, having studied the reviews of tourists of Cyprus, this will not be easy to do for yourself with detailed tour route.
The main attraction...

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Cheap property in Cyprus is a reality of our days


The island of Cyprus is not only exotic year-round resort, with excellent national cuisine, it also attracts potential customers to the real estate market. Many citizens fear that will be deceived, so do not hurry to put your money to buy a house in Cyprus.

Just arrived on the island, people change their world. Earlier, at the end of the twentieth century, when only began to open the borders of foreign countries, of course, Cyprus was a very expensive purchase. Of course, the island of Aphrodite, quite a luxury place, but this does not...

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Limassol city where want to live


Not long ago, property abroad was an attribute of life only for millionaires. But today in every corner of Europe, the Russians can afford a seemingly unfulfilled dream. Many choose the country of Cyprus, for the purchase of his dream house.

Limassol is the largest business and entertainment center of the island. This city includes history, modernity, culture and business. Limassol is ideally situated for lovers of history. About an hour drive to many attractions from antiquity to the middle ages. Fortresses, temples and ruins of ancien...

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Attractions Of Cyprus


Cyprus has many interesting attractions, due to its extremely rich history and strategic location at the crossroads of Maritime routes. If anything, the relatively compact size of the country allow you to explore most of them in one visit.

Of course, attraction is the island's capital is Nicosia. This is a very ancient city, the heart of which is surrounded by the Venetian wall of the Old city with a radial layout, old streets and ancient monuments. Among the latest and the oldest city Church – Chrysaliniotissa, built in 1450...

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