Interior design

Individuality in interior design according to your rules!

a Luxury house or apartment will remain unchanged, the pride of the owners! This capability is achieved by means of strict style, harmonious combination of decorative elements, creative design solutions and unsurpassed comfort.

Expect pictures of beautiful magazines with beautiful interiors will become reality? Our experts will help you to make the dream a reality!

If you need to fix your own home, the layout of the interior should be treated with the utmost care. Professional designers of our company without difficulty come to life all sorts of ideas. If you want to participate actively in the development of interior design, to do the work together.

Creation of individual interior design

  • First, we produce the service, then tell and show you all what you need and take it into account.
    Come to our comfortable office and we will talk to you. During a conversation over coffee with our designer you will have the opportunity to share their own ideas and get a lot of new in response. You will learn about the latest trends of interior design in Moscow and the world. You will learn amazing facts, meet with gallery of finished works and receive detailed answers to their questions. Even if you have no idea about what you would like to see your own home by visiting our office, you will be able to come up with the final image!
  • the perfection of the design.
    Our designers will allow you to assess different options in the interior, executed to order. You definitely will help the personal designer. You will get acquainted with different ways and styles. That is why you can easily pick up specialist that satisfies your requirements. It is important that you as the client, are left satisfied. Therefore, our work will continue to achieve a perfect result. Tell us about what you would like. There can be no question about the details!
  • According to the famous proverb: it is better 1 time to see than 100 times to represent and think! 
    If you want to walk around the apartment until the renovation started, the designer will create a very realistic 3D model of your interior, in order to get an accurate idea about the future of housing. Evaluate and adjust the offered options, and don't forget about feedback. And we'll be here and will suggest and direct the execution of the work in the right direction!
  • the Cost of fully fixed, with full control.
    Turning to us, you get personal Manager, with whom the work will be coordinated, communication — nice, but the quality of the services on top! After the design project of your interior will be completely generated, we will calculate all costs. After the contract for repair and finishing works will be concluded, the value of which is specified in advance, will not change. You don't have to spend their money in vain!
  • will Help you to implement a design project.
    The main criterion of quality repair is the interior design in the form of a design project. Entrusting the implementation of this task to us, you can be fully confident in the performance of work by qualified professionals, and that the terms are clearly observed.

Examples of our work:


Why “LysovDevelopersLSD” — the best solution for interior design

  • Price around! 
    If you wish to design your interior more cost-effective, you require a free full design project. To do this you need to conclude a contract with «LysovDevelopersLTD», and we will reflect in it all the works relating to repair and decoration. After that there will be a refund of the full amount which is spent on the maintenance of the project. Perhaps you should hurry, since the timing of the action have limits!
  • Prices on furniture and equipment below market value.
    Our cooperation is aimed solely at suppliers of luxury furniture in the world as well. The same applies to equipment and machinery. If you decide to buy interior in our company, you greatly save time and money. Our specialists will render support in the process of visiting showrooms and furniture stores. They can even travel with you to distant lands, if you decide to buy designer furniture. Especially for you we will find the best deals, we will test the quality of the purchases and arrange the fast delivery and unloading. You should not spend forces and time in vain, because in our company there taking care of everything!
  • We will give you more than expected!
    Developing the perfect design of the apartment includes not just the work plan on finishing. As development professionals will take into account the wishes of the owners of the house or apartment, and features of the home. The lighting and the contents of the tank in your apartment is also at altitude, and home theater will be a wonderful addition situation. We will also help in the design or implementation of the system “Smart home”, will produce Internet connection, or installing security system. Our services have a wide variety. To do this you need to tell about your desires!

Examples of sketches:


our services

If you still have questions that are very important to you, but you don't know the answer, call, and use “callback” on the site. Our managers will competently advise you and answer all your questions!

If you need examples, you can find them on the website, and also read the reviews about the company. Creating interior design of apartments — this is our concern! We will relieve you from many troubles and not again, because the project will be executed for you personally!