Education and medicine

Main basic social institutions of each state are considered health and education. How this state of Affairs in Cyprus? Despite the fact that life expectancy in Cyprus is very high and the population is characterized by good health, mainly due to the excellent ecology, medicine in the state is at a very high level. This topic is particularly important for tourists who may fall ill in the state during the holidays. Unlike many EU countries, the medical insurance when entering Cyprus is not required, but you can do it on a voluntary basis. The cost of the service from 10 to 20 euros, but in the case of illness, you have to look for a much larger amount.

Medicine on the island, though good, but quite expensive. One visit to the doctor for a consultation will cost around 50 euros. If you need hospitalization, you should prepare from 150 euros for each day of hospital stay. At a constant residence in the country insurance need sure. It costs about 300 euros per family member per year. The full cost may vary depending on the selected program. There is a minimum program that covers only emergency calls ambulance and such emergency surgery. A more complete package for a family of two adults and a child can cost up to 2 thousand euros per year. There are more expensive programs that include surveys, service on the territory of other EU countries advanced, and some other services, such as calling the doctor at home. Insurance can be monthly.

If insurance paid, and you have a serious disease, which can not cope specialists in Cyprus, then the patient through the insurance company send in a neighboring state, for example, in Germany for the treatment of certain types of cancer, which is normal. Insurance may not include services of a dentist, then the treatment you will have to pay up to 200 euros for each treated tooth.

In terms of education Cyprus has a very advanced country. there are a lot of foreign schools, including Russian. Education of Higher level is considered to be very high quality and is recognised internationally. The cost of studying is much more affordable than in most European countries. The system of education includes several public universities, private institutions and colleges. The study takes place over two semesters from September to June. Admission is available after 18 years. there are 3 levels of education that prepare bachelor's, master's or PhD degree. The first degree is 4 years of study, the second 2 and the third from three to six years, depending on the institution and training programs.

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