Cyprus is an island country. The island is large enough, is close to Turkey, only slightly more than 100 km. From Egypt and Syria it is almost 400 km on the water. The main part of the terrain of Cyprus - the mountains. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia.

the Main direction in the country's economy tourism, and this is easily explained by the climatic characteristics of the region. On the island of 320 days a year are Sunny. In winter the temperature rarely reaches +15 s. Get to the island tourists by plane or ferry. Most people here are attracted by excellent conditions for life from the point of view of ecology.

Sea coast with clean water, forests, mountains, clean air - all this contributes to the natural recovery of the organism. That is why life expectancy in Cyprus is very high. Summers are very hot and dry. The temperature can range between +25-+40C. Winter is mild, rarely rain. Rainfall in the lowland areas does not exceed 300 mm per year, in the mountains rises to 1,000 mm. the Average humidity in the region of 60%. Most of the precipitation is in January and December. The best month to travel is September.

For lovers of the beach season in principle you can use any month from may to October inclusive. But it is worth considering that in July and August is unbearable heat, which may not allow you to visit any local attractions. In September and October, the flow of tourists is greatest, so the dream of a quiet holiday at this time not worth it. From December to March on the Cyprus ski season, although the snow can only be seen on the tops of mountains, where the temperature is barely 0.

Even in winter the island is almost always Sunny, without cloudy days, and immediately after January begins this spring with an abundance of greenery and beautiful flowering trees. Very exciting to watch a real invasion of birds arrived in the winter of Northern countries. Going to Cyprus in March, swimming is unlikely, but in April the air temperature is constantly above +25C, and on the South side of the island, appear first beach tourists. In summer the difference between day and night temperatures can be up to 10 degrees, but despite this, it is difficult to find at least a half-empty beach.

On the coast there are rocky and sandy beaches, swimming in them is terminated with the first cool, which usually comes with the onset of November.

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