Rent a yacht in Cyprus

On earth there is a beautiful view of the surroundings, when a person receives a lot of impressions during a long-awaited vacation or just traveling. We offer you to relax from the daily hustle and immerse yourself in the splendor of the holiday within a fabulous yachting in Cyprus.

You are chic, modern apartments on the ship, the sights that will long remain in your memory and pristine beauty of the island. Relax in Limassol many seek, and you will be able to make the dream a reality, spending the leisure-time excellent way. Like the rest of the law will be appreciated by the most demanding tourists in the world who know a lot about. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday on a yacht in Cyprus, through the azure waves of the raging sea!. 

Fun in the water for the brave

With an active holiday in Cyprus invariably associated parasailing, racing jet skis, jumping, causing mass freediving in places where no foot of the tourist, swimming in the wild bays. After such intense trips you do not need to go to stay in a stuffy car. You will be presented a delicious lunch under a canopy, the sound of the surf, and you can sleep on the spot.


Dinner on the yacht in the restaurant — the best gift sweetheart!

If you decide to relax in a special restaurant on a yacht, you probably thought about romance. And if you are traveling alone? Especially for you with the gentle evenings of the Mediterranean, filled with a light cool breeze, there will be something unforgettable, namely — dinner under the open sky. It will be appreciated by all the passengers. Just want to stand up and, for example, enjoy the track coming from the moon and the southern sky? Go out on deck and enjoy life under the calm splash of the waves.

Sea fishing: the dream of real men

If the weak half of mankind prefer a beach holiday in Limassol, filled with drinking cocktails, massages, conversations, men, on the contrary, prefer the risk. How about to engage in battle with those who are the original inhabitants of the deep sea?

  • Catch predatory fish;
  • Conquer the shrew Mediterranean sea;
  • Hunt real octopus and squid;
  • Fish  at a great depth.

Party under the surge of the surf

Modern yacht can turn into a place for great parties. Especially for you will be presented with delicacies from the best restaurants in Limassol that you can taste exquisite drinks that popular in the whole world. We will give you the best that I can be in the vastness of the Cyprus riding on a luxurious yacht-catamaran. Intoxicating aromas of hookahs only elegantly complement the start of the holiday.


  • Sea fishing;
  • Restaurant on the water;
  • Water fun;
  • Themed parties;
  • For a long period charters (two route).

If you want to book a yacht or you have any questions, you can contact our managers. There is an opportunity to leave the application, and we will only call you back at your specified time.